When it comes to boat supplies, a step box is always a good addition to your boat. A step box provides a solid fiberglass storage space while also featuring a non-skid surface to help ensure safe boarding and off-boarding from your boat.

Step boxes are great gifts for that captain in your life that wants to maximize their time on the water. The additional storage space provides a water tight space for valuables, life jackets, fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, personal belongings, or anything that you want to bring on the water and keep safe.

The beautiful and stylish fiberglass step boxes are deluxe contoured while featuring a raised feed base to allow water to flow through below it. They are finished with beautiful high Gelcoat and made with premium design and quality to ensure they last as long as your boat.

All Birdsall Marine Step Boxes are made locally in our fiberglass studio to ensure the highest premium quality and durability that Birdsall has become known for. The Palm Beaches and South Florida have been able to trust our shop and product since 1979 and in our online store and showroom we are expanding our product selection weekly.

Order your new step box today to help ensure not just safe entry and exit from your vessel, but more space to store what matters most, while making the most out of your time on the water.

If you have a fleet or boat charter business you want to spruce up, Birdsall Marine in West Palm Beach specializes in customizing your boat to its greatest potential as featured in our other blog “Featured: 17’ Boston Whaler “Pink Barbie” Customized By Birdsall Marine”.

Support local while getting a steal on quality that doesn’t just look good, but lasts a lifetime. Get your new Step Box at Birdsall Marine so we can help you upgrade your boat, without breaking your budget.

Customize Your Boat With Birdsall Marine

Could your boat use an update and a little more personality and customization? Do you often wish your boat had new custom seating with pleated upholstery, or that your leaning post had a folding footrest, included additional rod or dive tank holders, stainless steel cups, or even secured additional storage? If you are daydreaming about these options, your friends are suggesting them, or perhaps you have a fleet or boat charter business you want to spruce up, Birdsall Marine in West Palm Beach specializes in customization, fabrication, and installation to bring your boat to its greatest potential and realize your vision.


High Quality Boat Parts and Marine Fabrication

We love working with our clients while providing the highest quality materials, marine upholstery, and fabrication services to give your boat new life for the long haul. One of our clients reached out to help them customize a fully-restored 17’ center console pink Boston Whaler dubbed the “Pink Barbie”.


About The 17’ Pink Boston Whaler Customized By Birdsall Marine


For this in-house project, we manufactured and installed the “Birdsall 32” Mini Rocket Launcher” - our own special, customized version of what is commonly known as a “Leaning Post” - featuring Smoothe White Custom Upholstery with Pink Piping, a Folding Backrest, our Underseat Storage Tray, and an Anodized Pipe. We can guarantee the quality and durability of our products because we design them ourselves with nearly all our products manufactured, sewn, and fabricated and installed in our local shop. This is how we have been able to ensure the highest quality look, feel, and long-lasting durability that Birdsall Marine has become known for since 1979. Read “Quality is Job One” to learn more about our standards and process!

Whether you are a single boat owner, have a charter business, or a fleet of boats, Birdsall Marine is known nationally as a premium marine manufacturer & showroom whose custom fabrication and installation quality, products and passion for the boating community are second to none. We truly treat our customers like family.

Our promise is to provide long lasting quality, sleek designs, affordable pricing, and top-notch customer service and products that provide a safe harbor for your boating needs, budget, and vision.

We take custom orders and our team is ready to answer any questions you have to help you ensure you get the right product and price for your boat supply needs. Call us at 561-832-7879 or view our range of products online and at our showroom located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Our mission is to help you enjoy greater comfort with a more personalized look and feel that will make you never want to leave the water. Let Birdsall Marine help upgrade your boat without breaking your budget while having the piece of mind knowing that your boat is in good hands.

When it comes to securing the best seating for your boat, pick something that is economical in size yet comfortable and durable - something that provides multi-functional use while also offering premium quality local material at an affordable price. When making this upgrade, many boaters turn to leaning posts for multi-functional seating compared to your standard captain's seat.

This is when the wise boater gets the perfect sized signature Birdsall Rocket Launcher Leaning Post for that added space, versatility, quality, and convenience! Birdsall is proud to do a quick feature of the 32” Mini Rocket Launcher Leaning Post - Great for a little 17’ or 15’ foot boat!

This leaning post is designed for smaller center console boats. Using only the highest quality materials assembled and sourced locally, Birdsall Marine installs the rod holders and offers customizable options for the upholstery and many different available accessories and add-ons.

Read more below about our Original Rocket Launcher Design or learn more about our product quality and manufacturing standards here!



One of the most beloved things about Birdsall Marine Products is the level of customization available for nearly all of our products! The 32" Mini "Rocket Launcher" Leaning Post is no different!

As a standard, you can expect the following:

- Marine quality anodized pipe construction

- Integral non-folding foot rest

- New 1-1/2″ cooler retaining strap with quick release buckle

- 4 welded-in rod holders (two 10° and two 15°)

- The cushion is constructed of foamed PVC board, epoxied to an aluminum base and covered with closed cell flotation foam


Additionally, there are many customizations available that we will work with you to design, fabricate, ship direct, or install in our South Florida Marine Manufacturing Warehouse. Choose from Rear Handrail or Whaletail Handrail additions, a Folding Backrest or even an upgraded Folding Footrest, Removable Dive Tank Racks, Pleated or Smooth Upholstery(custom upholstery by panel too!), Custom Colored Covers, and more.


Whether you live local to our headquarters or afar, you can trust Birdsall Marine to provide the highest quality in-house marine design, manufacturing, fabrication, welding, and installation services for their products and clients. You can count on our knowledge, experience, communication and shipping reliability while getting a customized boat addition that doesn’t just look good, but lasts a lifetime.


Shop Birdsall Marine online and purchase yours today or come on into our store in West Palm Beach Florida to talk to our team! Our family will be happy to  answer your questions and guide you in the right direction so  that you get exactly what you, your family, friends and boat need to help you enjoy and get the most out of your time on the water together!

At Birdsall Marine Design, quality is job one.  This is not an advertising slogan, but rather a company-wide imperative. A lot of our employees have been part of our team for many years.  When new employees are hired, they are rigorously trained to uphold our tradition of high standards.

The selection of production materials is not dictated by price, but rather by engineering properties, with the prime consideration being durability in the demanding marine environment.  The harsh reality of this environment includes corrosive, electrolytic, and radiant energy concerns. This policy extends to absolutely every component utilized in our products.  For example, on our anodized products we only use highly polished clear anodized pipe.  Each length of pipe goes through a quality control inspection.  Any questionable material is rejected before it even gets on the rack.  Polished anodized aluminum presents a TIG welding challenge.  Our highly talented welders use their many years of experience to insure the quality of each weld.  Upon the completion of such welding projects, detail men hand paint every weld with aluminum paint to protect them from the elements.  We outsource our powder coating to a long established specialty company that follows our same protocols and standards.

Likewise, our fiberglass components are fabricated by craftsmen in the highest quality molds using materials expressly engineered for the specific application, with cost being of minor consideration.  No wood is used in our products.  All cores are no-rot polymer based.  Once again, strength and quality are our first concerns. This policy extends throughout our product line to every department.  Our canvas shop uses only premium materials like Weblon, WeatherMax, and Sunbrella.  All threads are the highest quality, environment-proof synthetics.  Our upholstery bases are rot-proof aerated PVC.  All upholstery foams are closed cell, which do not soak up water. Our rigging department utilizes only tinned wire, premium marine quality terminal ends, the highest spec heat shrink tubing, and premium electrical components.  Marine stainless steel fasteners, over-sized thick stainless fender washers, stainless  aircraft style lock nuts – the list goes on and on to include every component that we use.

There are two other factors that are included in our quest for the highest quality control possible.  The first is also a big part of the innovations that we’ve produced over the years: carefully listening to our customers!  We have a highly symbiotic relationship with our customers, both OEM and private, often lasting for decades.  We try our best to combine our considerable experience in the marine market place with their specific needs.  A wonderful result is often innovation.  The remaining factor is our belief that we, as a business, are compelled to treat each project as if it was for our own boats.  Quality is definitely job one!

Manuel Padin
Manuel Padin
Great customer service even better product. Highly recommend. Ask for Dean
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas
Had about 10 companies rebuild my boat. These guys are by far the best in all aspects. From pricing to Customer service down to Craftsmanship. Thank you!
Tom Norville
Tom Norville
Very good quality products and great customer service. I bought from them a few times. Quick shipping too.
johnny leon
johnny leon
Another great job done by Birdsall Marina My boat looks amazing!! Would recommend them 100% Wonderfull job, I am more then happy with my boat :)
Jason Svitenko
Jason Svitenko
I've had numerous Birdsall products on my boats over the years. Custom or production Birdsall is the best.
Michael Barone
Michael Barone
Birdsall redesigned my back rest and got it back to me in a more than reasonable amount of time. Very satisfied with the product and the price. Awesome staff.
Eric Larson
Eric Larson
Custom marine excellence
Floyd Miller (Reel Anarchy Fishing Team)
Floyd Miller (Reel Anarchy Fishing Team)
They have alot of products. Great quality. And very friendly and knowledgeable.
I ordered a camera pole that fits in a pole holder on a boat. I realized it had a nock out of the metal. I called Stacy and without hesitation she sent me a replacement all the way in Hawaii. I gladly drove 15 minutes out of my way to send the old pole mount back to her. Thanks for such good service 🤙🏽
Larry Kinsler
Larry Kinsler
Top Notch quality and service..


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