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Frigid Rigid Ice Chest



Call 561-832-7879 to order! There is approximately a 6-8 week turn around time from time of purchase.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chests are designed to keep contents cold in any type of environment. Our ice chests are built with superior insulation, airtight lids, weatherproof materials, and are tough enough for heavy commercial use. 


In identical conditions, the Frigid Rigid ice chest outperformed one leading brand by 44% AND outperformed another leading brand by 88%. Read more about our performance test results.


Frigid Rigid ice chests are built to withstand years of rugged outdoor exposure. They are unaffected by sun or salt spray. The ice chests are constructed of fiberglass with an interior and exterior of smooth, weather-resistant marine-grade gel coat. The lid seal is made of weather-resistant rubber. Heavy-duty 316 stainless steel hinges are attached with stainless steel screws and backing plates which are embedded into the ice chest, preventing rust and corrosion. Even the handles are designed to stand up to any type of weather — they are made out of nylon rope for long-life.

Plus, Frigid Rigid ice chests offer the highest quality insulation materials to keep contents cold. Rigid 2″ polyurethane foam provides the highest possible insulation efficiency available for ice chests. And an airtight “D” ring lid seal made of long-life EPDM rubber keeps out hot air for maximum cold retention. The easy-to-use flex-latch with air-valve release assures that the lid will seal properly and stay in place.


Frigid Rigid ice chests are available in 25 sizes, so you’re sure to find the right size to meet your needs. Take a look at our Pricing Guide to find out about ice chest dimensions and prices.

All Frigid Rigid ice chests come with a built-in, recessed drain for easy cleaning

. Ice chests over 48″ have two drains for easy emptying and cleaning.

All Frigid Rigid ice chests come with four 4″ diameter molded polyurethane non-skid bottom pads that will not mar the surface of your boat’s deck or any other sensitive surface.

Frigid Rigid ice chests offer several optional accessories such as cushions for seating, corner chocks, sandwich trays, and dividers. Click here for more information about Frigid Rigid Accessories.

Frigid Rigid also offers ice chests with set back lids. The set back lid was designed so that you can open the ice chest fully without having to move it away from a wall first. 

Additional information

Weight 89 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 21 × 21 in
Frigid Rigid Cooler Sizes

105 Quart 18" x 18" x 36" Weight 45 lbs., 145 Quart 18" x 18" x 48" Weight 57 lbs., 155 Quart 21" x 21" x 36" Weight 54 lbs., 210 Quart 21" x 21" x 48" Weight 68 lbs., 240 Quart 21" x 21" x 54" Weight 75 lbs., 300 Quart 21" x 21" x 66" Weight 89 lbs., 35 Quart 15" x 15" x 21" Weight 25 lbs., 40 Quart 15" x 15" x 24" Weight 26 lbs., 40 Quart 18" x 15" x 21" Weight 26 lbs., 55 Quart 18" x 18" x 21" Weight 27 lbs., 65 Quart 15" x 18" x 30" Weight 35 lbs., 65 Quart 18" x 18" x 24" Weight 30 lbs., 67 Quart 15" x 15" x 36" Weight 32 lbs., 85 Quart 18" x 15" x 36" Weight 39 lbs., 85 Quart 18" x 18" x 30" Weight 39 lbs., 95 Quart 18" x 18" x 33" Weight 43 lbs.

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