38″ Fixed Back Rocket Launcher 10″ Tray



38″ Fixed Back Rocket Launcher with 10″ Tray


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The Birdsall Fixed Back Rocket Launcher features a back rest which is an integral part of the unit at all times. The rear of the back rest has welded rod holders. The number of rod holders varies according to the size of the unit. A handrail, under seat storage tray, and cooler bar & strap are standard equipment on all fixed back models. With numerous options these units can be customized for you needs.


 Standard Features:


• Integral back rest
• Three to five 15˚ rod holders (depending on size of unit)
• Rear Handrail
• Under seat storage tray for easier cooler access (all trays are 8” deep)
• Top quality cushion, constructed of foamed PVC board, epoxied to a aluminum base and covered with closed cell flotation foam
• Stainless steel piano hinge for folding of seat
• Upholstery in your choice of colors
• 1 1/2” cooler strap with quick release buckle
• Built in cooler bar

The fixed back rocket launcher is available from 24” to 54”, This unit is popular in the larger 38”,43”,48”, and 54” sizes for the larger center console boats.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 40 × 50 in

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