Level-Up Your Boating Experience with Birdsall Marine: Birdsall Products on a 23′ Albury Brothers Boat

Elevating Boating Comfort: Birdsall Marine's Innovative Additions

Greetings from the sunny shores of Birdsall Marine in South Florida!

Birdsall Marine specializes in providing high-quality marine products and boat parts. Customers come to us with their specific needs, and we take pride in offering innovative solutions to enhance their boating experience.

Today we're excited to showcase some fantastic additions requested by one of our customers looking to take their 23' Albury Brothers boat and boating experience, to the next level. Here is a list of some of the modifications we provided with the full video up on your YouTube here.

All New 40 CoolerMaster with White Powder Coating:

  • One of the standout additions is the Albury Brothers 40" Cooler Master featuring a sleek white powder coating.
  • This not only adds a touch of elegance but also reflects the commitment to quality craftsmanship.
  • The Albury Brothers logo and backrest complete the look, ensuring a stylish and comfortable seating experience.


Functional Design with Storage Trays:

  • What sets Birdsall Marine Design apart is the thoughtful design, and the 40" Cooler Master is no exception.
  • All 40" Cooler Masters come with storage trays beneath the seat, providing a convenient space to keep essentials.
  • The folding footrest adds an extra layer of comfort to this well-designed seating solution.


Frigid Rigid Cooler and Innovative Cooler Slides:

  • This particular setup features a Frigid Rigid cooler with a three-inch setback and Birdsall's signature cooler slides.
  • The convenience of these slides is truly remarkable – a simple pull with two fingers extends the cooler for easy access, and a gentle push effortlessly slides it back into place.
  • It's a testament to Birdsall's commitment to user-friendly and practical design.


Custom Front Addition with Vertical Mile Pockets:

  • A notable customization for this boat includes a stylish front addition.
  • Responding to the customer's desire for added comfort, Birdsall Marine introduced a backrest feature.
  • This thoughtful addition transforms the boat's bow into a more inviting space, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the ride.
  • The vertical mile pockets, a unique creation by Birdsall, complement the design, and a well-crafted wedge cushion enhances both style and comfort.


Tailored Albury Brothers Setup:

  • The entire setup is part of the Albury collection, specifically designed to suit the characteristics of this boat.
  • From the cooler to the backrest and front addition, every element seamlessly integrates into a durable, cohesive and visually appealing ensemble.

Your Local South Florida Marine & Boat Design Family

Birdsall Marine continues to impress with its dedication to innovative design and customer satisfaction. The Albury setup and customization of this 23' Albury Brothers boat exemplifies one example of our dedication to enhancing the boating experience for our clientele and their mates.

By combining style, functionality, and comfort we invite you to explore the many options and benefits that new additions to your boat can promise for an even more enjoyable, productive, and stylish journey on the water. Visit Birdsall Marine's website to explore more of our exceptional marine products and services made here in Florida and the USA.

Manuel Padin
Manuel Padin
Great customer service even better product. Highly recommend. Ask for Dean
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas
Had about 10 companies rebuild my boat. These guys are by far the best in all aspects. From pricing to Customer service down to Craftsmanship. Thank you!
Tom Norville
Tom Norville
Very good quality products and great customer service. I bought from them a few times. Quick shipping too.
johnny leon
johnny leon
Another great job done by Birdsall Marina My boat looks amazing!! Would recommend them 100% Wonderfull job, I am more then happy with my boat :)
Jason Svitenko
Jason Svitenko
I've had numerous Birdsall products on my boats over the years. Custom or production Birdsall is the best.
Michael Barone
Michael Barone
Birdsall redesigned my back rest and got it back to me in a more than reasonable amount of time. Very satisfied with the product and the price. Awesome staff.
Eric Larson
Eric Larson
Custom marine excellence
Floyd Miller (Reel Anarchy Fishing Team)
Floyd Miller (Reel Anarchy Fishing Team)
They have alot of products. Great quality. And very friendly and knowledgeable.
I ordered a camera pole that fits in a pole holder on a boat. I realized it had a nock out of the metal. I called Stacy and without hesitation she sent me a replacement all the way in Hawaii. I gladly drove 15 minutes out of my way to send the old pole mount back to her. Thanks for such good service 🤙🏽
Larry Kinsler
Larry Kinsler
Top Notch quality and service..


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