Euro Transom Fillet & Rigging Table



The Ultimate Euro Transom Fillet Table 18″ x 38″

This extra-large, high quality fillet table can be a welcome addition to your boat’s cockpit. It is designed for use on Euro-transom style boats. It is supported by two heavy duty rear anodized aluminum legs, which are inserted into two transom mounted rod holders. These legs can fold up against the table for storage. The front is supported by a steady rest leg, which also folds up for storage. This well-thought -out efficient design allows for easy access into live wells and transom storage with the table still in place.

It rises approximately 13″ to 14″ above the bait well or top of transom depending on the mounting of the rod holders.

Hardware and fasteners are heavy duty anodized aluminum or stainless steel for long durable service. Water drains off through four scuppers along the back edge. The rod holders, which bolt to the back side of the transom are anodized aluminum and match those on other Birdsall products. They are included in the price of the fillet table. This fine table will be a welcome addition to your boat’s cockpit.


Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 38 × 8 in
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Euro Transom Options

Euro Transom Fillet Table (Complete) 18" x 38", Euro Transom Arms only (measures 25.5" high), Hinged Support Leg only (Measures 18" High), Table Only


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