Folding Backrest for Rocket Launcher “Hump Style” Arms for 25º or 30º Rod Holders



Folding Back Rest for 25/30 Degree Rod Holders “Hump Back” Arms

Our Birdsall Folding Backrest is designed to fit boats with 25/30 Degree rod holders, primarily for use in your leaning post.. This functional design features folding arms for easy storage and can be ordered to fit any size rocker launcher.  The arms feature plastic sleeves for snug fit into 1 1/2” I.D. rod holders. They are also available with or without optional rod holders.

The Backrest cushion is made from closed cell foam and backing material is sourced from Marine Grade PVC, means no wood no rot! Choice of upholstery in smooth white or smooth off white. Pleated Upholstery is also available for and additional charge.

Folding Back Rest are shipped unattached to back rest. Once you have received your Birdsall Backrest kit, you will find the arms unattached. We do this to ensure your new backrest and arms can be installed properly at home. Simply drop both arms into the rod holder receivers and center up the backrest between the arms and install the supplied Stainless Steel Hardware.

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Back-rest Available Sizes

Over all Length 25", Over all Length 29", Over all Length 34", Over all Length 36", Over all Length 39", Over all Length 43", Over all Length 48", Over all Length 60"


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